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We are redesigning the way teens across Romania develop their career interests through exciting, thought-provoking conferences and interactive workshops. 

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ConnecTeens is a student-run organization which aims to organize and create different youth events and conferences meant to educate teenagers all over the world. With the help of our mentor, professor Daniela Bordei, we help high school students find themselves, their passions and their desired career paths. We believe that high school students should have the chance to gain useful skills through practical workshops and speeches from industry leaders, but also to find many new fields not taught in school.

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Arts & Crafts Conference

Learn about arts and crafts, and take part in interactive workshops organized by renowned artists.

Model NATO
Debate & Diplomacy Conference

Take part in the most acclaimed Model NATO debate conference and experience the way decisions are made worldwide.

Romanian Conference WHO
Medical Conference

Explore scientific advancements and discover more about the medical field at RCWHO.

Romanian Model World Bank Group
Finance & Economy Conference

Complete with stock market simulations, expert analysis and interactive workshops, RMWBG is the perfect event for any future economics student.

Romanian Youth Juridic Conference
Law & Debate Conference

Learn from experts about forensic investigations, take part in a mock trial case, and more at RYJC.

Romanian Youth Space Conference
Space Exploration Conference

Space - the last frontier of mankind. Learn what the research community is up to, and take part in interactive rocket-launching workshops, and more at RYSC.

CoMedia Conference
Communications and Media Conference

CoMedia is a conference dedicated to young people and their development in the field of Media and Communication and in their sub-domains.

Romanian Model United Nations
Diplomacy Club

A platform for young minds to explore diplomacy, negotiation, and international affairs aiming to make them understand the complexities of our world.

Model NATO Club
Debate & Diplomacy Club

Club dedicated to promote NATO’s values and develop skills such as debate and teamwork.

Romanian Youth Hospitality Conference
Hospitality Conference & Club

A platform for young individuals to engage with various aspects of the hospitality sector including hotels, restaurants, event management, and tourism.

Romanian Model World Bank Group
Finance & Economy Club

A five module course made with the Romanian National Bank to educate the youth in finance and economics

CoMedia Club
Communications and Media Club

An introduction to the essentials of marketing and communication. Members learn how to market products effectively, understand what employers look for in CVs, and gain hands-on experience in running advertising campaigns.

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